The Suite Experience. 

Private Suites are a place where business meets pleasure and luxury meets sporting exhilaration. It's the first choice of those who want the best of everything.

Inside you enjoy the luxury of your own intimate private suite with five-star hospitality that allows you do business effortlessly, or just simply enjoy the occasion. Outside on your own private balcony you can experience the electrifying atmosphere of an Accor Stadium event, with a breathtaking view of the action.

The Private Suites are located on Level 3 on both the western and eastern sides of Accor Stadium.

Game Day inclusions:

  • 4-hour beverage package (beer, wine, and soft drink)

  • Canapes and substantial servings on arrival

  • Half time pies, followed by dessert

  • Dedicated host to provide a quality experience

  • Private Indoor and outdoor seating


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